Monday, 29 September 2008

Where I’ve come from; where I am now; where I’m going

I am currently working contently as a graphic designer at a company that specialises in licensed software aimed at children.

In my eight years at Alternative Software I have worked on several high profile licences. They include The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Marvel Heroes. My Responsibilities demand me to be involved with both functionality and aesthetics of the software and packaging.

I have taken much from my eight years in full time employment. I have become a very determined problem solver, efficient with time and resources and gained experience of working within a team as well as working independently. I feel equally at ease with either dynamic.

I feel I have exhausted my creative possibilities in work and I am hoping to expand my skills by participating in the HNC Interactive Media course.

I hope to become confident and competent in web design with at least an Intermediate understanding of the computer languages required to create a successful website. This knowledge will hopefully give me a platform to further my skills on completion of the HNC.

The first couple weeks of the course have filled me with confidence that this is the right way forward for me. I can't wait for the challenges I will face over the next two years.

As well as the new skills I will learn in web design and its languages, I'm hoping this course will expand on my experience already gained in print design by teaching me new techniques and design principles.

My ultimate goal will be to one day start my own design studio. But in the near future I hope to transfer my new skills into my company, by radically updating and revamping their sluggish, poorly designed website.