Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Harmony Restored

I'm a fifth of the way through the entire course. It's hard to believe. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve got stuck into A3. A day off work was put to good effect.

Most of the written part is out of the way. The report is hanging together, including references. I’m finding my production schedule very useful, although the adjustments column is getting some use.

The HNC seminars with John have been very insightful and have given me another perspective on the assignment. John pointed out my written work is very wordy. Which after constant refinement I wholeheartedly agree. I have been diagnosed with a case of ‘verbiage’.

With just a week left before the Christmas break I’m looking forward to getting into the digital creative side of the course where I hope to show some of the skills I’ve acquired in employment. The constraints on global document size may stifle my creativity slightly though.

A presentation this coming Monday on ‘colour harmony’ with my HNC compatriots will be challenging. I’m not used to presenting to quite as many people. I’m finding it especially daunting as we are presenting in front of our peers. Getting to grips with the subject and thorough preparation should put us in good stead.

My progress with A3 and a pass on A2 as helped to re-invigorate my enthusiasm for the course. Although time is very much a luxury, I’m finding the colour harmony presentation a welcome distraction.

I feel I’ve put myself in a good position to meet the deadline with A3. Although some more refinement is inevitable when it comes to my written work.