Monday, 2 February 2009

Working on a dream

Well I received a nice shock last week; I received merits for my A3 assignment. This was very encouraging and has given me a chance to concentrate on our new assignment, A5 (builder) over the last week.

We are just two weeks in and I don't feel I'm anywhere near ready to start coding my web page from A3 yet. The snow cut short our second week lectures on A5. I hope this wont set me back, as I feel the technical side of the course is something I really need to pay special attention too.

I'm very busy in my personal life at the moment as I’m in the process of moving out with my girlfriend. We have also been made aware of A7 assignment which sounds just up my street, CD artwork.

I must make sure the grades I received for A3 don't give me an excuse to take my foot off the pedal. I can't afford to get too distracted with my personal life; I must make sure I still allow sufficient self study time.

The promise of a very enjoyable assignment and a chance to show my skills in print design with A7 must not take precedence over A5, although I'm finding it difficult not to start mulling ideas around in my head.

Over the next week I will create a functionality checklist and usability questionnaire for A5. Any other time I have I will dedicate to reading up on XHTML and CSS with the help of HTML Dog.