Monday, 23 November 2009

Timely boost

Since my last journal entry, I’ve being getting stuck into A10. A10 is quite a weird assignment with the respect that we are designing ‘blind’. We have no idea what product our surface designs will be used for.

It’s incredibly difficult to be creative with no clear starting points. I usually find creativity quite easy to come by, but this assignment is proving a frustrating one thus far.

As a result of my lack of vision I’m finding it hard to put the hours in at home, and with a deadline approaching for sketchbook work this is quite daunting. I need to make a monumental effort over the week’s self-study. This will give me the best possible chance of creating something suitable for when the product we will be designing for is revealed. Will it be the fabled Coke bottle yet again?

If I’m honest I’d say my enthusiasm over the last few weeks for the course in general as waned I’m feeling a little frustrated and demoralised with how little spare time I actually have. Setting myself such high standards and putting myself under pressure to do the best I can for each assignment as perhaps made me feel a little ‘burnt out’.

But with this hard work and commitment comes the rewards and I was extremely pleased to receive a distinction for my A9 website. This is a timely boost indeed, just what I needed to re-invigorate my enthusiasm and give me the right kind of motivation to not let my standards drop with A10.

With Christmas nearly upon us now might be the a good time to start finally preparing my online portfolio, this will be crucial to getting a job in the industry some time in the new year.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Web Design job, potential interview questions

Following on from my previous blog entry, I've come up with some likely questions you may be asked when attending an interview for a role as a web designer.

1. Can you hand code XHTML and CSS?

This will help determine if the applicant can create websites from start to finish without the use of Dreamweaver. Giving the web designer more freedom and control of the sites they create.

2. Do you work best in a team or as an individual?

This is a very important question, as the applicant could be expected to work in solitary or as part of a team. The ability to work in a team and get on with others could be crucial to your company. It will also establish if they aren’t too reliant on working with others and do have the ability when needed to get on with the job alone. If you prefer working alone is that because the potential employee doesn’t get on with others?

3. What do you do in your spare time?

This question is linked with the previous one as it is accessing the potential employee as a person and how well they would fit into the team dynamic. Similar interests could help integrate the individual more quickly. All these points could help you decide whether or not this is a person you and your staff would like to work with.

4. What are your Strengths and weaknesses?

This question will help access how honest the applicant is whilst also accessing the potential flaws in their skills. You may have a very specific role in mind for the applicant. Such as one particular language you wish for them to specialise in. This could help establish if they would be suitable for the role you have in mind.

5. Do you work well under pressure?

In all aspects of design you can be expected to work to tight deadlines. This question will help gage how the potential employee works under pressure and what experiences they have had of working under pressure in the past. Those experiences may be helpful in deciding if their previous experience of pressure is comparable to amount you will be putting them under. It is also a useful question to find out how well they might cope.

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

A common interview questions but perhaps one of the most important. This question can help establish if the applicant see’s his or her long term future at your company. This could be important to establish if you are investing in their training and are trying to make your business expand and grow.

7. What web design magazines and blogs do you regularly read?

This will help establish how up to date with current design trends, techniques and languages they are. A hunger to never stop learning and keep on top of an ever changing industry could be an important attribute for an employee.