Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Storming, Norming and Forming

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been finding my feet as the project manager for ‘Team HNC’. It’s been a laborious and sometimes downright dull predicament I find myself in. Working through the endless amount of admin, setting up projects with online project management software, making Gantt charts and production schedules is all quite alien to me.

The hardest part I have found about it all though is delegating work. I dreamt of an ideal scenario at the start, in which we all shared tasks, a foolish notion. I now realise to be an efficient well oiled team I need to delegate, something I find hard, given I’m not particularly used to a position of power.

Working as a team can create some pressure within the group and my stance is usually quite diplomatic and democratic. I started to see minor diasagreements at the begining appear with my leadership. This is understandable due to the stress we have been under. Now we are all taking things a little less seriously the pressure is off and the team is running harmoniously.

I must now convey that I make the final decision if we run into any disagreements. This is a hard thing to implement when you are a close knit team; we all get on well and would regard each other as friends. On the all I'm extremely pleased with the team, we are now ready for client scoping and hope to have all team tasks out of the way very soon.

The team aspect puts me and my team in a position of trust. At the start I found it hard sometimes to sit back and let other people do the work, without trying to implement my own stamp of approval on it. I've now learnt to trust my team fully and feel much more relaxed when delegating tasks.